Help me about Server and application monitor SAM v6.2

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Hello, I have some questions.  Basically some informations about Server and application monitor SAM v6.2 which are given. What is the system required and how to install SAM v6.2? How to Create an Advanced SQL Report in SAM v6.2? Can it run without .NET Framework? What are the ports required for this?

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Help me about Server and application monitor SAM v6.2


To install SAM following things to be considered.
1. Hard Drive 4 GB
2. Memory 4 GB
3. CPU 2.4 GHz at least
4. .NET Framework 3.5 & 4.0
5. OS should be Microsoft IIS 6.5 & higher version also 32 bit. The Windows server 2003 R2, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2.
6. Database should be SQL.
7. Web browser should be Internet Explorer 8 and higher version, Firefox 35 and higher version, Google Chrome 39 and higher version.
To create reports using SQL query you have to click start -> All Programs -> Reporting -> Report Writer. Click New Report -> Historical – VMware ESX Reports -> OK
Enter the title and enter the query “SELECT VIM_VirtualMachines.Name as ‘Guest’, VIM_Hosts.HostName as ‘ESX Host’ FROM VIM_VirtualMachines
Inner join VIM_Hosts on VIM_VirtualMachines.Hostid=VIM_Hosts.HostID
where VIM_VirtualMachines.NodeID is null.” in the description space and execute it. To run its required .NET framework.

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