Help from experts on AD & LDAP

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Hi every one?

I happen to be working on projects which deal with appliances that utilize LDAP generated queries in approving group membership. The purpose of this is to record the attributes of the user account to the appliance. This attributes are gotten from an Active Directory.

This led to questions on AD & LDAP. From what I know (I stand corrected if my information is biased), if I have a forest that has three domains, I will have to come up a group domain and call it DG-LDAP in order to add users from one domain to the appliance. Is it correct to conclude that I am querying against the DC in the domain making use of port 389 since users are pulled from a single domain?

Secondly, let’s say there are users in the three domains, is it possible that a group which is universal can be created then add the users to the UG and query via port 3268 which in this case uses a global catalogue? Any help, especially from experts on AD& LDAP will be highly appreciated.

Thanks to you all.

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Help from experts on AD & LDAP


Active Directory is also referred as AD which was first implemented by Microsoft.  It is a directory service. Usually it is used for Windows domain networks. It is included in most Windows Server operating systems. Active Directory makes also the uses of Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) versions 2 and 3, Microsoft's version of Kerberos, and DNS. The forest, tree, and domain are the logical divisions in an Active Directory network. Using AD it is possible to add users from one domain to the appliance. 

Client can configure LDAP mode


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