Help with conflict frequency wave wireless and Bluetooth

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Alert me this afternoon that the Bluetooth and wireless working on the same frequency

This is something that reduces their efficiency if they are working with some means to be a necessary one and the second position work too

How do I change my wave of Bluetooth???? or wireless


Bluetooth(TM) and WirelessLAN devices operate within the same radio frequency range and may interfere with one another. If you use Bluetooth and WirelessLAN devices simultaneously, you may occasionally experience a less than optimal network performance or even lose your network connection. In this case, always cease either your Bluetooth(TM) or WirelessLAN operation. Please contact Toshiba PC product support on web site htto:// in Europe or in the United states for more information.

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Help with conflict frequency wave wireless and Bluetooth


Hi Jamel,

Just as it is said in the error message that is displayed, Bluetooth connection and wireless LAN can sometimes conflict when you try to use them simultaneously. They are both wireless connections which operate within a certain range and to work effectively with them you should try using one of them at a time. If you are using an hp or Compaq laptop, there is a wireless assistant which allows you to turn them on and off as needed.  I believe other models have that too. So if you are using wireless LAN, you can turn off the Bluetooth to avoid the conflict from occurring.


Hope this helps.




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Help with conflict frequency wave wireless and Bluetooth


Both Bluetooth and wireless b/g operate at 2.4 GHz frequency. If both are running in close proximity (in one computer system for instance), they are bound to interfere with each other. There are wireless cards (Dell/Broadcom wireless cards) that have an option to enable Bluetooth Collaboration. This aims to minimize interference when both are running at the same time in the same system.


Another option to minimize any interference is to use a wireless N card (preferably dual band cards). This operates at 5GHz frequency (5 GHz and at 2.4 GHz if it’s dual band). This should isolate the wireless card’s operating frequency from that of the Bluetooth card’s.

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