Hedging and diversifying cloud services.

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What is Hedging and diversifying cloud services in respect to cloud computing? Cloud computing can be sometimes very risky. The recent Nirvanix disaster causes some of its client’s untold hardship and trauma. How best can hedging and diversifying cloud services solve and prevent the kind of failure experience by Nirvanix?

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Hedging and diversifying cloud services.


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 It is a well known experience by Nirvanix cloud service customers, who were basically excluded when the company closed shop recently. More than 1000 customers were given just a few weeks to migrate (or, alternatively, destroy) an estimated 40 petabytes of data out of several data centers.

 Diversification is a proven risk-reduction approach in the financial industry. Diversification of cloud services requires efficient data portability because exporting data out of a single cloud service can take days, weeks or even months. Experts recommend NetApp Data Ontap application to keep all clouds at one place.

 Hedging means that you don't put your necessities in the cloud in the first place, but connecting private data separately to Amazon center.. You can join the discussion on this topic in The NetApp community forum.


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