ICQ Connection Problem whenever I launch Miranda

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Hello everyone,

Can anyone help ?

I can say I am very upset with Miranda in the last few weeks. The problem commences, whenever I launch Miranda. The ICQ protocol just backfires ; it keeps connecting forever and sometimes it does not connect at all.

I have tried to research and this is all I have got.

– Give it “offline “status manually

-Wait for the error the error message to appear

-Click on the online status once it is connected.

But this is not helping me. I have tweaked all the possible settings of the protocol, especially the port related options. My wonder is that a friend is using the same installation comfortably. My computer is not the problem, because it’s fresh from formatting. I can’t figure out the real problem. Please help.

My version information is as shown below:

CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4800+ [x86 Family 15 Model 107 Stepping 1] [2 CPUs]
Installed RAM: 2016 MBytes
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP [version: 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3]
Shell: Explorer.exe, Internet Explorer 6.0.2900
Administrator privileges: Yes
OS Languages: (UI | Locale (User/System)) : English/English | Bulgarian/Bulgarian
Free disk space on Miranda partition: 13854 MBytes
Miranda path: C:Program FilesMiranda IM
Miranda IM version: 0.7.6 Unicode
Build time: 17:58:25 on 07 May 2008
Profile path: C:Program FilesMiranda IM
Profile size: 12,864.00 KBytes
Profile creation date: 06 May 2008 at 22:22:40 (UTC +3:00)
Language pack: No language pack installed
Nightly: No
Unicode core: Yes

Active Plugins (21):
¤ advaimg.dll v. [28 Apr 2008] – Miranda Image services
autolocale.dll v. [14 Jun 2006] – AutoLocale
¤ avs.dll v. [28 Apr 2008] – Avatar service (Unicode)
¤ chat.dll v. [07 May 2008] – Chat |Unicode aware|
¤ clist_classic.dll v. [07 May 2008] – Classic contact list |Unicode aware|
dbeditorpp.dll v. [05 Aug 2006] – Database Editor++
¤ dbx_mmap.dll v. [07 May 2008] – Miranda mmap database driver
¤ historypp.dll v. [03 May 2008] – History++ (2in1)
¤ ICQ.dll v. [28 Apr 2008] – IcqOscarJ Protocol |Unicode aware|
¤ JGmail.dll v. [15 Apr 2007] – Jabber Google Talk Protocol |Unicode aware|
¤ MetaContacts.dll v. [20 Jul 2007] – MetaContacts Plugin
¤ msn.dll v. [07 May 2008] – MSN Protocol |Unicode aware|
¤ NoHistory.dll v. [22 Jun 2007] – NoHistory
realreconnect.dll v. [01 Mar 2005] – Real Reconnect Plugin
¤ Skype.dll v. [01 Aug 2007] – Skype protocol
¤ smileyaddw.dll v. [14 May 2008] – SmileyAdd Unicode
¤ srmm.dll v. [07 May 2008] – Send/Receive Messages |Unicode aware|
¤ svc_vi.dll v. [14 Apr 2008] – Version Information |Unicode aware|
¤ updater.dll v. [29 Jul 2007] – Updater
¤ voiceserviceW.dll v. [23 Apr 2007] – Voice Service (Unicode)
¤ Yahoo.dll v. [07 May 2008] – Yahoo Protocol


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ICQ Connection Problem whenever I launch Miranda


These are some solutions.

1. This Mod requires an UNICODE Miranda 0.7, Testing Build #27 or higher to work properly. The included autoexec_ICQSrvs.ini shouldn't be placed in the plugin folder but in the Miranda root folder.

2. You should provide a network log when you have connectivity issues.

3. Go to Options – network – ICQ – connection settings ; uncheck and check again "Secure >Connection" checkbox (Miranda will change login server and port to default values). You need to login on un secure and then again after setting to secure connections. Works for me too – 0.9.8 on Windows Vista.

4. First of all, please double check that Miranda is not blocked by e. g. a firewall. Also, make sure that your settings in Miranda IM Options >> Network are correct. If this doesn't help, a network log might help you figure out what the issue is. To get a network log:

  • Set all protocols to Offline.
  • Open Miranda options, select "Network" in the tree", click on the "Logging…" button and enable logging to a file (checkmark "File" and browse to the file where the log should be saved).
  • Select "ICQ" from the Status menu and click on "Online".
  • Wait until the network activity stops or the error message appears.
  • Repeat steps 3-4 for AIM.
  • Disable logging.

If you want to provide your log for other members for analysis, zip it up and upload somewhere

(if you have no web space, you could try e.g. http://www.mirrorupload.net/). Or paste the plain text here: http://miranda.pastebin.ca

5. Copy ICQ.dll into plugins, and everything works fine.

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ICQ Connection Problem whenever I launch Miranda


If anybody has problems in connecting to ICQ networks to launch Miranda it is better to give v. RC2 a try. When you are about to open Miranda Options, you must make sure, that the  checkbox denoting” Show expert options” located in the very lower left of options-window is checked. After checking the said option carry on to the  Networks -> ICQ. On the "Account"-Tab, there's a new option/checkbox named "Secure (MD5) login".

If you still have trouble in launching Miranda uncheck the new option and you might it alright now.

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ICQ Connection Problem whenever I launch Miranda


ICQ means instant messaging computer program. This program helped many people to access internet and to be connected easily with all other links.

This ICQ program helped people in many ways in programming, sending messages and games etc…It has helped the people by sending messages in offline support but with the help of Windows It gives all information to ICQ from anywhere at anytime.

There are number of versions in ICQ. It is mostly used for unwanted advertisements and messages. This ICQ helps the clients in every ways by Google talk and many other ways. Miranda is also a messaging tool, and it helps to import contacts and send SMS from ICQ and other Miranda profiles.

Miranda is an open source instant messenger and it connects all the networks including ICQ.

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