Hard Drives rule!(capacity or speed)

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How do hard drives work ?

 What is the most expensive hard drive and who created it?

What brand should I buy when it comes to speed and capacity?

Now a days what hard drive is the best when it comes to capacity?

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Hard Drives rule!(capacity or speed)


The computer application loading time depends on the hard drive. That means, when you open an application like Microsoft word it needs some time to open.  This opening time depends much on your hard drive but not completely.

Till today the most expensive hard drive is RamSan-620 solid, with the impressive 100 terabytes space. A brand or name of a hard drive does not mention it’s speed or space it only mentions it’s quality. Now a day’s the largest capacity HDD for a PC is (not for server) WV Caviar green with 3 TBytes. I just forget the bandwidth of it. Most commonly 500 GB HDD are in the market.

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Hard Drives rule!(capacity or speed)


Hi there , 

There are many types of Hard drives out there , Which type you need an explanation SSD or conventional ones , from your way of talk i think conventional hardrives . 
The conventional hard drive has basically these components A vacuum chamber with magnetic disks in it ,A high speed DC 12 volt motor , a motherboard and connectors or ports and heads.

Now the heads are movable and is moved through magnetic -electromagnetic interaction, these are just above or below the magnetic disk with distance between them is 100 times thinner than of a paper.
It reads the information via o or 1 binary code and everything from the spinning of motor to the read /write frequency is determined and controlled by the mainboard on the hard drive and transfers through the ports to the motherboard of the PC.

the costliest hard drive currently from Western digital , 

When considering speed intel SSD's are the best . (solid state drives)

When considering mass storage Western digital and Seagate is the best (upto 3 TB of memory)

You want both then buy both of them and set up in RAID configuration by using the SSD as the cache or buy a Hybrid drive. 

hope that helps .

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