Hard Disk Failure on RAID1 configuration

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We just experienced a hard drive failure on our RAID1 configuration on an SBS 2003 server here at our work place. We tried to resolve this by changing it to a HDD from Dell but this was unsuccessful because of the several defective blocks on the initial HDD.

I have spoken with a technical support person from Dell and I was advised that we cannot simply establish a backup since a latest HDD would probably not work as well. He also told me that we should have done this from the very start.

I also thought of transferring everything to a new SBS 2011 as this could also improve our hardware but my boss didn’t approve of this because he doesn’t want to purchase a new server at the moment.

What could be the best thing to do to restore everything from our original server and end this dilemma? Would it help if we just transfer everything to a virtual machine, replace the original SBS 2003 server with SBS 2011, and then transfer all files from the virtual machine to a new SBS 2011?

Hope I find help here on this.

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Hard Disk Failure on RAID1 configuration


I agree with you on that Taylor Adams. It will be easier if you simply transferred the files from the server you want to upgrade from to a virtual server, and then later when you have upgraded to the latest SBS 2011 server, you can transfer the files from the virtual server to it.

So it is up to you to tell the boss of moving to the new server which will offer efficiency and better services and also improve the hardware performance on your system, for simply doing a backup and then using the old SBS 2003 which has presented some problems may risk loss of important information to your organization which may end up being another bigger problem compared to the one you are having right now.

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