Got notification about Workspace Switcher

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Hello Everyone,

I had HP laptop were it has Intel graphic accelerator works fine in Ubuntu 10.04. I installed the package Compiz were I need to enhance the size of the workspace.

After configuring the size of the workspace switcher and have it restarts the system. I did see this error message pop up in a window. Tried to remove the Compiz because that was the last task I made before an error appear. When try to restart again the same message appear in the window.

Please share some knowledge regarding the problem.

Thanks Everyone!

Error message:


“Workspace Switcher” has quit unexpectedly

If you reload a panel object, it will automatically be added back to the panel

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Got notification about Workspace Switcher


Hello Heartrub1,

I guess the package compiz graphic adapter is not suitable to be used for your system, or it has compatibility issues with the operating system that you are using.

If you need to upgrade the memory of your system, I will advise that you just obtain another Intel media accelerator graphic adapter that is larger compared to the one you have so as to avoid encountering errors due to the media being incompatible, or you could get another one and use it side to side with the one that is already there, and to do that you will have to check if you have an empty slot.

Hope this helps.

Lee Hung


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