Gorilla glass comparison and performance

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Yesterday I accidently dropped my new Samsung S5 and inadvertently stepped on it. Luckily, I noticed only small scratches on the mobile phone. I heard that Gorilla Glass was solid but that exceeded my expectations. Can anyone tell me how much can gorilla glass stand? Also I heard that this is the third version. How does the current compare to the others?

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Gorilla glass comparison and performance

Samsung is using Gorilla glass 3 in S5. The glass contains unique properties, it provides more strength than ordinary glass and more transparent.
Gorilla glass have 20% more bending strength than any other glass. It is scratchless or scratch resistance. 
Gorilla glass is so special because if you drop a three pound steel ball form the height of 3 feet it will not break the glass into pieces. 
Usually thickness of this glass is in millimeters.
Samsung is now using gorilla glass 4 in his upcoming mobile 'Galaxy Alpha'. The glass is just 0.4mm in thickness, but twice as strong when compared with gorilla glass 3.

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