Google Chrome is getting PC hanged

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I am using Google Chrome for browsing for a long time. Recently each time I open Google Chrome it freezes my PC.

It has been happening for a long time however I do not find a solution of this problem.

I cannot find a solution to this problem.

Please someone help me over come this problem.

Thomas Maloy

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Google Chrome is getting PC hanged


If you’re running windows 7, try using the readyboost setting. You will need a flashdrive for your readyboost system to turn on the readyboost feature when you plug in your flashdrive it will show up already but if not go to my computer and right click your flash drive and left click properties and the you will see a readyboost tab you may choose how much space will be used on the flash drive.

And try closing other application on your system that you are not using while using the Google chrome (If this will not work maybe you need really to upgrade your RAM or maybe the RAM is already faulty? and try updating your Google chrome)  And if this thing would not work try 

1. Please update your antivirus and have a full system scan ( You must have a Good and trusted antivirus I recommend using kaspersky and Norton)

2. Have a registry cleaner and fixer ( I will give you a link on the program that I am using Please download and install the program and Run it. Click on the registry and scan for issues and it will fix it.

3. You need to reformat your computer if the error still occurs.

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