Give me a brief idea about Net Neutrality

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Hello, I want to know the basic thing of Net Neutrality, does this any matter in peoples’ lives?
What is Net neutrality exactly? What are the criteria to use Net Neutrality? What is the result if without net neutrality? How is it important for business owners, startups and entrepreneurs? Where is it important to freedom of speech? Who supports Net Neutrality? How can I get facility from that? What are the worst things, it has? Thank You

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Give me a brief idea about Net Neutrality



            The Net neutrality is sometimes called network neutrality, internet neutrality and net equality, it is the principal that internet service provider and government would treat the internet equally of charging by user, content site and platform application, type of attached equipment or mode of communication.

            The law professor Tim Wu in 2003 said the extension concept of common barrier.

            The research suggests that the combination of policy instrument will really help with the range of values, political and financial economic objectives of the network neutrality debate.

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