Getting Windows Error Code 80004005 Failed To Upgrade

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I tried to upgrade the Windows 7 to Windows 10. Half of the process completed and after that the process failed giving Windows error code 80004005. Provide a solution for this.

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Getting Windows Error Code 80004005 Failed To Upgrade


This error occurs because of the following reasons:

  • Windows 10 has not been activated properly in your PC
  • There is an update error
  • Device drivers may be causing problem during update
  • Corrupt Upgrade files have been downloaded

To verify correct activation, run the Troubleshooter and analyze the error. If it is a corrupted files error then delete them and download again. Search the solution according to the problem depicted in troubleshooter.

Another method is, open the Command Prompt and type ‘REAgentC /Disable.’ If it gives a message of successful operation, then restart your PC and again upgrade it.

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