Getting error while creating a directory in Unix server

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i am using one Linux server, and that is connected with some aix server through network .

When I give one of the command to extract some file I am getting error as “./sbin/metaimport: cannot create file: Not a directory”

I tried to check in the filesystem, but I am not able to find out the error.

Would someone can solve the problem

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Getting error while creating a directory in Unix server


Appears like a path or permission problem

     "./sbin/metaimport: cannot create file: Not a directory" is indicating that in your current directory there is no sbin subdirectory.

The /sbin directory is usually a sub directory in the root level.  To verify it exists :

     ls /sbin

"./" means to execute from your current directory  To check what directory you are in issue


To list files and directories


To verify you have permission to /sbin write there touch a file, this will create a blank file called test in the /sbin directory.

          touch /sbin/test         

If your intention is to import the file into sbin directory under executing your extract command from the root level, for example change directory to root then execute extract command.

            cd /

             {metaimport command}


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