Get this error while playing game

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I don’t have any idea regarding the following error message.

It appeared last week when I was playing games.

Have you faced such kind of problem every before.

If yes, please let me share your experience that how had you overcome the situation?

Could not load file or assembly ‘MOM.Implementation’

Version=2.0.3223.36953. Culture=neutral,

PublucKeyToken=90ba9c70f846762e’ or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.



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Get this error while playing game


Hello Domingo,

The problem you are experiencing is in most cases by ATI catalyst drivers which you may have installed on your computer. Check your control panel or to the program files and see if you have the ATI catalyst drivers installed. If you have them they uninstall them, or you can use the system restore utility to remove them from your computer.

Otherwise use an ATI uninstaller which you get and download online, and thereafter use a program called ‘driversweeper’ to clean up the files that may remain after the installation.

You can get ‘driversweeper’ be accessing the link below:

After the process finishes, download fresh drivers from the link below and install them:

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung.

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