Games not running well after upgrading Windows vista to 7

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I have just reinstalled windows,and my games are not running very well now (they were fine before reinstall).

I upgraded from vista to 7 with different versions of pcsx2.

Every game runs so slowly now and also, there is some problem with the sound plugin.

The error I receive is this:

SPU2-X System Message

Failed to init XAudio2 engine. XA2 may not be available on your system.
Ensure that you have the latest DirectX runtimes installed, or use
DirectX / WaveOut drivers instead. Error Details:(code 0x80040154)

Unknown error code!


Different DirectX runtimes made no difference either.

I need your help.


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Games not running well after upgrading Windows vista to 7


Hello Corey Finnerty!

You must upgrade your DirectX to the latest version which is 11. Upgrading to Windows 7 requires higher and better Graphics Card to render 3D games faster and smoother.

Please take note that the minimum requirement of Windows 7 for graphics is 1024MB (1GB). If you're Graphics Card is below 1GB, consider adding the same card if possible or change it to a higher specification. Check also if your games are compatible on Windows 7. There are some games that will run on Windows 7 but not compatible at all. Regarding with the sound problem, you might want to try another sound plug-in/sound card. The problem is your hardware and not the games and I recommend upgrading your computer.

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Games not running well after upgrading Windows vista to 7


That’s the usual problem when running emulators on the computer and the reason why your games are not working is because of the sudden change in the operating system. Since you changed your operating system from Windows Vista to Windows 7, you should also update your emulator.

PCSX2 is a Sony PlayStation 2 emulator and for the emulator to run on your current operating system, you need to download the version compatible with Microsoft Windows 7. The latest version at the moment is PCSX2 1.4.0. Download the latest from PCSX2 Standalone Installer. It supports Windows 2000 and up, Linux, and OS X.

The recommended operating system is Windows Vista and Windows 7 both 32-bit and 64-bit. It requires Intel Pentium 4 or faster or equivalent AMD Athlon processor with SSE2 support, 512 MB RAM, and video card with Pixel Shaders 2.0 support. If your game runs very slow, go to PCSX2 Configuration Guide to configure the emulator properly.

You need to configure the emulator because you are now using a different operating system and the emulator is a fresh install.

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