Installing Flex 3 Beta on Eclipse Europa J2EE Did Not Install

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Later on my last study on installing Flex 2 on Eclipse Europa J2EE edition (which not worked), I prompted by it to adjust a Flex 3 beta environment with similar Eclipse Europa J2EE edition, which is running on my computer (in a dissimilar directory then my Eclipse 3.1.x / Flex 2 installation).

Be adequate it to declare, it shows to installation is carried on further than when I tried to install Flex 2.0.1 on Eclipse Europa. Although, I received an installation error message in the last part of the process:

Eclipse updates did not complete successfully


Eclipse updates did not complete successfully

Please refer to the error log indicated below for details.

Command failed. Please check log file D:Program Fileseclipseconfiguration1187285806401.log for details.


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Installing Flex 3 Beta on Eclipse Europa J2EE Did Not Install



This is a software problem. The error message dialog box indicates that the error is written to a log file.  The file name is 1187285806401.log.  Locate the file in D:Program Fileseclipseconfiguration folder.  Open the log file with notepad or text-pad and the following error should be logged in the file:
!MESSAGE Feature
com.adobe.flexbuilder.feature.core 3.0.172437 cannot be found on file:/D:/Program Files/Adobe/Flex Builder 3 Plug-in/  or a newer version is already installed. 
To solve this issue, follow these two steps:  First, use a new copy of eclipse 3.3 and delete the default work space. 
Secondly, if the first step does not work, try re-downloading the installer. The installer might have been corrupted during the first download.
I hope this is helpful.

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