FoxItReader cannot save file in Windows 7 local directory

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I have installed FoxItReader on my Windows XP machine. I have a network folder that can only be accessed by several users. This allows the permitted user to copy a certain file but not change, delete, rename or modify the file. The user can only save the file to their local folders. The windows XP computer does not have any problems but the Windows 7 machine has some issues with it. FoxItReader does not allow the Windows 7 computer to save the file in a local directory. I also have the same problem with the updated version of FoxItReader. I am thinking that the problem may be caused by the security changes from XP to windows 7 wherein it the temp file cannot be modified in the network location. I am not really sure that it may be the cause but can I move the location of the temp file to the local directory? Can this be done? Or is there any other solution to this problem any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to your responses.

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FoxItReader cannot save file in Windows 7 local directory


I just read your question and i thought,The PDF has not been locked probably.Against your copying text.
So first you need to remove your password and unlock protected PDF,Now you can check.

If it's not work,may be your FoxIt Reader is corrupted.That's why it's not working properly.

In that case,you can remove your FoxIt Reader form your computer,Then download a latest version of FoxIT Reader form Microsoft site.And install it.One more thing,that when you will remove this current version of FoxIT reader,After removing your software,restart your computer and then download and install FoxIt.

I think,It will be work.


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