Formatting a hard disk in Linux and supports NTFS for windows

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I have to ask if it possible that I can format my disk and be able to support my existing NTFS files intact. How can I achieve this and which file system is better? How can I open and view the Linux files from the windows computer? Is it safe?

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Formatting a hard disk in Linux and supports NTFS for windows




Utilize BASH to format your volume. Specifically, you would use the “mkntfs” command:


mkntfs [insert options here] [insert the device here] [insert number of sectors here]


Consult the command manpage for further instruction on usage.  You can also use a formatting utility with a GUI for guided use.


There are no “better” filesystems generally speaking. It is a matter of what you would like to do with your storage media and what your preferences are. Working with files from their respective environments and in different formats is not a security or stability issue, but you do need to be concerned about whether or not you can access the material. You can choose appropriate file systems and file formats for this, or you can utilize various utilities along with virtual environments or live environments or network-based environments.

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