Too many versions of Linux-which one to take

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I am thinking about using Linux operating system but there are too many versions of Linux and I can choose one.

I need to know about different types of Linux and their features.

Please someone instruct me about different kinds of Linux operating system and help choose the right one.

Karlos Hilton

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Too many versions of Linux-which one to take


That question exists not doubt, it’s a long list of versions which Linux has.

But there is a positive thing in this that you can choose according to your use, for example:

1. Educational

2. Personal
3. Business
4. Virtual
5. Light weight versions
6. Heavy versions
7. LTS Release
8. Underage users
9. Online workers, etc.
Again a long list may reach near 100.
Linux fanboy 101

Linux fanboy 101, no entity what the job(s), damned the individual. It’s natural in use easy to handle. Healthier yet, assert them they're dim, and that if they real requisite something, they should spread it themselves. No question Linux on the desktop is an enclosure OS with lots of the lots range to cover.

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Too many versions of Linux-which one to take


Confused which version of Linux operating system is best? Congratulation to make a wise to use Linux operating system. There are many versions of Linux for many purposes. The Linux operating system is free and you may get it from internet. It is an open source software. 

So it may help you for any purpose. So people use Linux and edit too for their requirement. So there is wrong if I tell you Linux has thousands of versions. So,please visit the original Linux source and from there search for writing one version that one you need. 
There you will get information and features about the version before downloading. So make a decision your own. 
You can collect your Linux operating system from your friends or from a expert that are modified for a special purpose.


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Too many versions of Linux-which one to take


I'm only going to use it mainly for personal purposes and a bit of business, and wow, your guide helped me a lot.

I hope to have fun with the Linux OS!

Thanks guys.

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