Force Close Error on T-Mobile myTouch HTC 4G

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I used T-Mobile myTouch 4G by HTC with Gingerbread OS. I got this error when using the Mail App. I can access my mails but I could not open any attachments. I am under when I received this error. When clicking on Force close, the Mail App will close. Can someone help?


Mail has stopped unexpectedly.

Please tell HTC about this problem.

To help HTC improve Mail, select "Tell HTC" to send an error to HTC.

Force close     Tell HTC

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Force Close Error on T-Mobile myTouch HTC 4G


There might be some service on your mobile phone that is causing this issue. This is a common problem and HTC and T-Mobile had both addressed it. But if you haven't got the solution try the below steps to solve it.

  1. Factory restore your phone. Update it to gingerbread 2.3.4. They have updated the Mail application in it.
  2. Use the ActiveSync option on your mobile.
  3. Your k-9 Mail application. It is a free email client and it does not have this attachment issue.
  4. If you have a Gmail account then use the Gmail application to sync. It is the best you can use to open attachments.
  5. Last but not the least, if your mobile is under warranty or under contract from T-Mobile, call them directly and ask them for help. I have seen people who got a new MyTouch 4G just to solve this issue.

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