The folder cannot be unzipped

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Hello everyone here!

Today I am here for a critical error that I met yesterday. Look at the following screenshot carefully,


When I tried to unarchive this folder it told me that the folder cannot be unzipped.

I want to know why this happens and what should I do to get rid of it?


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The folder cannot be unzipped


A virus or some malware in the folder could be available. Some strong antiviruses  block the unzipping of such folders to protect your computer from harm. If your antivirus enables the unzipping of the folder into the sandbox, then give that a trial. A simple problem such as OS  loop errors could cause the problem also. Restart your computer and check if this also solves your problem. There could also be an error in downloading the archive. It may have been downloaded partially. This makes it unreadable. So please also check on that

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