FLIPshare 5.12 won’t work on Mac 10.7 “Lion”

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Good Day,

I recently updated my MAC from Snow leopard 10.6 to Lion 10.7 for just $39.99 USD. I own a flip camcorder by Cisco with model number U32120 and my flipshare stopped working after upgrading. I have over 1000 videos and I already tried installing/reinstalling the software and it didn't work. I have a lot of good memories on my videos and I badly need it so I can burn it on a blank disk.

Thanks in advance,

Amabelle C.

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FLIPshare 5.12 won’t work on Mac 10.7 “Lion”


Unfortunately, FlipShare currently does not work on Mac OS X Lion.  It does not export nor edit video files. FlipShare support has also confirmed that their most recent version, 5.12, is not properly configured for Lion. No updates are available at the moment.

You can either sit it out and wait for the update to FlipShare or you could probably get the files from FlipShare's data folder yourself.  Here's how:

  • Go to Users -> Me -> Movies -> FlipShare Data -> Videos.
  • You should be able to see all your Videos.  Copy them as you would any file in Mac OS X.

To download videos from your camera without using FlipShare, here's how:

  • Connect your Flip camera to your Mac.
  • Look for "FLIPVIDEO" icon on the desktop. If it's not visible on the desktop, use Finder.
  • Click on "FLIPVIDEO" > DCIM > 100VIDEO and copy the files that you need to any folder that you want.
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FLIPshare 5.12 won’t work on Mac 10.7 “Lion”


Unfortunately, FlipShare is not available on the Mac App Store and it does not work on OS X Lion. You cannot export or edit video files. And even their latest 5.12 version is not properly configured to work on Lion and at the present time, they still don't have updates yet. A lot of Mac users are complaining about this issue since FlipShare became down for quite a long time now.

Fortunately, I found an article stating that the most recent version of FlipShare software works perfectly well with Lion. And that Cisco will continue having this support to the software until December next year. With the iMovie latest version, user can be able to jack in their FlipShare device and then click on the Camera Import button and then import all your videos and files on your camera to iMovie and then it will be ready for editing.

To manually do this, just double click the FLIPVIDEO volume that appears on your desktop when you attach the Flip to your PC and then open the DCIM folder and the 100VIDEO folder and just drag your movies. All these are in MPEG-4 format so it's probably Mac compatible. After editing your videos you can then import it into iDVD and burn it on a disc.

I'm not sure if it works but you can always try.

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