Firefox cannot communicate securely error occurred

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I am using a server application that needs to communicate with clients through sockets but I get the following error message after an initial data exchange in the middle of the connection. The error message shows the communication security issues. How can I avoid this issue without having any trouble? Have any idea to remove this problem? I would be grateful to you. Thanks.

No common encryption algorithms


Firefox and cannot communicate security because they have no common encryption algorithms.

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Firefox cannot communicate securely error occurred


It has got an easy solution. Follow my steps:

1. Open a new tab and enter the following address: “about:config”

2. In the search bar, type “ssl3.rss”. The filtered content will look like

3. Double click on “rsa_rc4_40_md5” to change its value to “True”.

Done. Now, whenever you will visit the page, it will open perfectly. Just a warning message will pop up. Just ignore that.

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Firefox cannot communicate securely error occurred


Hi Curtis,

Firefox browser uses security certificates to validate the data being transmitted over the internet. If it is not verified then the data may be intercepted by a third party. To ensure the security some security mechanisms like SSL or TLS are embedded within it.

Now when you are requesting data from some site to be transmitted than the site from which you are requesting data may not have enough support for Firefox. If you have recently updated your Firefox than also you may be facing this issue.

The issue you are holding in your Firefox might be a bug in your latest updated version. The encryption mechanisms of Firefox & the site you are visiting may not be the same.

You can try to undo the changes if you have done any to your browser. Regardless, you can simply click ok & proceed with your normal workplace.

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