Finding proper power supply for my pc

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The power supply of my pc may have been wasted. I do not know much about power supply and need to have some idea. I know that there are site where information on this can be found but I find the information too much complicated.

Please someone give some site where I can get some information online so that I can choose the correct power supply for my pc.

Clark Orcus

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Finding proper power supply for my pc


When you need to replace the power supply of your computer it is important that you know the details of the item. You should know the number of pins you need for your motherboard, old models of motherboard usually uses 20-pins and latest models use 24-pins. Other connectors are for the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is it a SATA or the standard IDE cable connector.

Again the HDD’s that use SATA are the latest HDD and DVD-ROMS while IDE cable HDD’s are the old versions of CD-ROMS and HDD. Another aspect is the CPU casing is it an ATX or Micro ATX case? There are a lot of types of power supplies in the market and they offer a lot of connectors based on the devices you have in your computer and your preference.

Types of power supplies:


  • Original IBM PC, XT, AT Standard.
  • ATX Standard.
  • ATX 12V Standard.
  • Entry-Level Power Supply Specification (for office servers).
  • Multiple +12 V rails.
  • 12V only supplies.
To help you out more here’s the website on how to buy a power supply.

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