Finding lost archived Emails in Lotus Notes 6.5

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I am using Lotus Notes 6.5. I have stored a few Emails in my inbox.

But at this moment, I don’t find these mails in the archived files.

I have tested all the files in the application but I am unable to find it.

How can I recover these Emails?

Please help.

Thanks a lot.

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Finding lost archived Emails in Lotus Notes 6.5



i seems to be you set auto archive option "do not archive items in this folder"
its means that you don't want to view email again
you set the option  "archived" items. I think this setting is fine as it is.
first you got to the "archived folders" properties (not a specific archived folder, but the group), and then goto the advanced page option . You should see (usually) there the path and name of your archived folders (archive.pst).
and for recall lost email, you can get,  if you backup email periodically.
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Finding lost archived Emails in Lotus Notes 6.5


This is not a big problem. You can easily recover your email following some easy instructions. There is an option in Lotus Notes 6.5 software which is ‘do not archive items in this folder”. This option indicates that you do not need to open your email again. So you have to set the option ‘archived’ items for a better setting. First, you have to go to the archive folders. This is not a single folder but a group of folders. After which you have to go to the advanced page option. You should remember the path and the name of the archived folders and have to be in this format ‘archive.pst’.

From here you can recover your email if you backup your email regularly. If it doesn’t solve your problem, follow the instructions given below.


  1. There is a recovery tool to recover email but it depends when emails were deleted. Sometimes the best and popular recovery software can’t recover the email so you should use active recovery tool as soon as possible.
  2. You can download this software from this link –
  3. After downloading, you have to start the recovery program and click ‘start search’. It will automatically search which email can be recovered.  
  4. You can specify these extensions wk1, .wki2, wk3, .wk4, .wks, .fm3, .wb1 and .123 file for quick search.
  5. After completing the recovery scan, you will be able to see your specified file and then click to ‘recover file’.

I think these solutions will be helpful to you in recovering your email and your valuable data.

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