Finding this error when we try to post any of Facebook pages

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Hello experts,

Me as well as my some other page managers in Facebook are finding this error when we try to post any of our Facebook pages.

I am the owner of my page and we all are the page managers. It occurs if we try to post through our profiles.








There was an error replying

You do not have permission to reply to this article with the chosen account


Actually the post goes throughout the Facebook page however it will not show in Fathom. I need to solve this.

Please help.


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Finding this error when we try to post any of Facebook pages


Facebook purely runs on JavaScript as well as with any other sites and you can easily get an error by simply clicking on a link that requests another permission that your account is not permitted or is not allowed. All processes are done automatically by just a simple click. If you are getting this error as well as with your other page managers then you should check the page’s permissions with all the user accounts that were affected.

It is possible that the page doesn’t allow your user account to reply on some parts of the page where the page has restrictions. You just simply need to check the settings of the page you are working on and enable or disable some security options maybe that may possibly stop the error and will allow you to post or reply again directly on the page.

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