Is file/folder safe to open when it is detected as threat?

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I am using two Antiviruses on my PC. Many times the Antivirus detected that some file was corrupted and folder contains a Trojan. I checked a lot of times to open the files named ascorrupted but it didn't open. I felt that after opening this virus folder it will affect the other files aswell.Is it safe to open affected folders?

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Is file/folder safe to open when it is detected as threat?


Hi! Kelvin229,

Once suspected that a folder has Virus or Trojan infection, it is advisable not to open the file. This is a gamble and has a big risk of affecting other files and the folder sometimes worsen the whole computer itself.

Because some files is important to us and we can't afford to let go and delete the files, we take the challenge and go ahead and open and reach the content of that said message.

This will let your computer vulnerable to virus infections. If this happens, the best thing to do first is to scan the message and to clean any possible Virus and Trojan attachment.

What needs to be done is,

Right Click on the message/folder then click and scan. The Antivirus will scan and clean possible unwanted virus infections and other harmful elements that might cause computer any issues.

This should  be the most safest steps that needs to be done if you really want to read the email that has a possible virus attachment.

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