File exception occurred in virtualfilesystem.cpp

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I have bought an original game with steam for PC and installed them. They meet my system requirements and is compatible with Windows 7 (x64). When I want to run the game this error appears and I don’t know why it doesn’t work since is an original game. Can anyone help me to install my game properly and run it using the steam ? Also, please tell how can I prevent this happen in the future with other games ?

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File exception!

File exception:

Exception in: virtualfilesystem.cpp, line: 624. Description: The system cannot find the file specified.


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File exception occurred in virtualfilesystem.cpp


Since you did not mention the name of the game you installed mind as well check the game’s system requirements again. If the game you purchased supports Microsoft Windows 7, make sure it also supports 64-bit because that’s the version you have. You don’t have a problem with Steam Client because it supports both 32-bit and 64-bit but only until Windows 7.

Microsoft Windows 8 and later are still not supported. Another thing is about the error, it throws something about a missing file. The error is obviously from the game you installed and not from Steam Client so there is probably something wrong with the installation. Try to uninstall the game, restart your computer, and then install it again.

Make sure your computer has enough memory to run the game not only the physical memory of the system itself but the memory of the video card. Most of the games I found on Steam have specific requirement for video RAM so make sure all the requirements are met.

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