Few questions related to Cloud Computing

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Until now, cloud computing is just a billion part from a trillion dollar industry of Information and Technology. How is it that so? Is it because cloud computing does not include technology?

Did the IT companies invest too much in their own hardware to have a change? Or does the present security alarms the perpetrator? What do you think is the biggest obstruction in cloud computing and what should the industry do about it to overcome such barriers?

Your suggestions will be highly appreciated.

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Few questions related to Cloud Computing


Cloud computing of course does contain technology that’s internet!

This is a whole new type of computing which allows thousands of users to access something without downloading and installing anything on their own computers. For instance Google Docs.

Reduced Cost: It keeps the cost down for both users and website owners. The users can access it from any computer without installing any expensive software and the owners do not need to reproduce the software but just rent the server space.

Automatically Updated servers : About 70 to 80 % of IT budgets are assigned for the maintenance of existing infrastructure , Cloud offload this burden; freeing IT resources to focus on revenue growth

Security: The concern for some companies is privacy and the risk of losing Internet connectivity. These risks are usually short lived which is just as likely as servers being out of action for a time period, than the Internet failing. By taking a system based approach, cloud can perform security at all levels.

Bureaucracy will cause the transition to take longer: Cloud computing is big; both in and out of the industry but the internal IT managers would fight the outsourcing of their livelihood to the outsider cloud.

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Few questions related to Cloud Computing


Cloud computing consists of technology in it, and that you will see from how the information is stored. The information is stored on a cloud which is like a virtual storage, and therefore I do not think it will not be right to say that cloud computing does not utilize technology.

As to why the cloud computing industry has not been utilized by a greater number of companies to now in my opinion are because the companies see it as a big risk to shift from what they are already using for storage of information to something new. But with time the cloud computing technology will just gain ground, once people understand fully its advantages.

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