The feature using Excel interop bring an error

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Hello People,

I have installed Office 2013 beta release and still having my Office 2007 installed, I then opened a COM based Excel Interop application under Visual Studio, I received several warnings that were not there before. When I compiled the application, it worked perfectly, however the feature using Excel interop bring an error.

I uninstalled office 2013 and tried fixing the C:Windowsassembly folder but I still received the same error. After which I uninstalled and reinstalled Office 2007, deleted all the assemblies in regards to interop but still got the error, I also tried the PrimaryInteropAssembly but no luck.

However the application still compiles and works on other machines but not on mine. The error I get is “Could not determine the dependencies of the COM reference "Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel". Erreur lors du chargement de la bibliothèque/DLL du type. (Exception de HRESULT : 0x80029C4A (TYPE_E_CANTLOADLIBRARY))”

(French part translation: "Error loading library / DLL type.")

The error when running the application on the development machine


Impossible deffectuer un cast dun objet COM de type ‘MicrosoftOfficeJnterop.Excel.ApplicationClass en type dinterface ‘Microsoft.Office.Jnterop.Excel._Application. Cette operation a Cchoué, car lappel Querylnterface sur Ic composant COM pour linterface avec lUD {000208D5-0000-0000-C000-000000000046} a CchouC en raison de lerreur suivante: BibliothCque non inscrite (Exception de HRESULT:



Any ideas how this can be solved?

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The feature using Excel interop bring an error

Hi there Gracekmakris,
The problem is most likely in some leftovers from the beta version of the Office you had installed.
To make things running again you will need to remove the leftovers from the registry. Only one registry key should be left after the beta version was uninstalled, so open the regedit editor and find HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT – TypeLib – {00020813-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}. Once you've located it, click on it to expand. Folders inside should be sorted by versions, so find the new one and delete it. See the picture to see what you are looking for.
Beta Office 2013
After restarting your computer, everything should be back to normal.

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