Fatal Error when designing beam / column in RAM

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I am facing a problem in transferring from Revit to RAM SS. This problem occurs with RS2013 and RAMS SS 14.05.01. However at what time I update from storehouses in RAM, Structural Synchronizer come and keep creating the omission message beneath any time I click with my mouse.

It develops its closely not possible to exercise at what time it is performing that. Do you know something why it is happening? It seems to be an inside error from the time it’s discussing regarding relocating "this default dialog" by "handling the DataError event".


The following exception occurred in the DataGridView:

System.ArguementException: DataGridViewComboBoxCell value is not valid.

To replace this default dialog please handle the DataError event.

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Fatal Error when designing beam / column in RAM


Hello My Dear Friend,

First of all you need to check two things

1. Check whether data grid view has combo box or not.

2. Check whether the value or format of combo box is valid or not.

I think what you probably have is that the data grid view combo box is bound to the data source and are trying the value which is not in the data source, Make sure that when you are loading the grid the value or format must be set to one that is in the data source.

There is another way to solve this problem. Check this link.

Hope this helps you.

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