Fatal error in opening file.

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I got a fatal error while opening a file that I worked on some days ago; at this time I receive a fatal Error at the exploring. I attempted to explore the .ma file build in the temp folder with the script editor on to view the omission is where, and that is the outcome  is the attached  picture.

I have also put out of action the cycleCheck -me like it said on the caution box however it did not work, on this task the single “strange” item I have used is the MJPolyTools.

Expect you will really help me


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Fatal error in opening file.



Hi there,
What kind of file were you trying to open and which software were you using?
Most likely, you're dealing with the corrupted file and you should try to recover the file using the appropriate tool that depends on the file extension.
To repair the .ma file you should open it in the simple text editor, even notepad will be fine. Once you open it, delete all nodes one at the time, resave the file and try opening it again.

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