Fade demo form effects using VB6

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I want to know about making fade effect in and out to form using VB6 or a fade demo form effects using VB6 will help me, Please do the needful.

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Fade demo form effects using VB6


Hello David Agostino,

I can help you with that. For the fading effect in Visual Basic 6, you're basically manipulating the Alpha value in order to manipulate the transparency of the form. For this one I will explain to you how this works. First you will need a button and a timer with "Enable" value to "False". Then paste this code.

This is the best way to see how to do a fade in and fade out effect. Notice that there are a lot of declarations? Those are needed to use the fade effects. To simplify this code try to remove the CurrentState and EndState and replace those with 0 for transparent and 100 for opaque.

For a variation for this try to implement this in Form_Load and Form_Unload functions.

Hope this helps.

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