Facing problem when browsing a web site

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Hi experts,

I am facing problem when browsing a web site. A warning is shown there, and the page is not opening.

I need to go to that website very urgently. Is there any way to visit that page?

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Facing problem when browsing a web site

There is an option for browsing these kinds of websites.
You can browse through by passing the warning page. But it may be risky as the site can contain malware, viruses, spam etc. 
To visit that site you have to use ‘Google Chrome’ browser.  
Browse the page through it. You will get there a page which URL link is something like:
All you have to do is removing the first part up to the site address and press Enter. Remove:
Now you can visit the page.


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Facing problem when browsing a web site



It is sad that some of our most trusted sites eventually accessed by anyone unauthorized into and you end up with warning messages like you see. You can get around the message, but you will probably have to do some clean up from files being loaded on your computer from the Malware that comes along with the message.

To get around this warning you need to do the following, go to "Tools" > "Options" > "Security". Now you will need to click "Tell me if the site I'm using is a suspected attack site", this will take the checkmark off. Another way is to use the add on "IE Tab" and then you can add this website to this tab and then it will open in an Internet Explorer tab after this which will also then eliminate that message from popping up.

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