FaceBook warns users about DNS Changer?

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I got to know like Facebook warned its users regarding some malicious dns changer malware.

Is this a big threat to the security?

Does it effect my computer when I browse Facebook?

Is there any way to clean this dns changer?

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FaceBook warns users about DNS Changer?


Yes its a big threat A recent malware threat our team has been fighting is called DNSChanger.

This family of malware operated as a botnet, infecting millions of computers by manipulating search results, displaying advertisements for fake or malicious products, and directing victims to malicious websites.

When DNSChanger malware infects a computer, it performs numerous malicious actions. The most serious action is known as DNS manipulation.

DNS stands for Domain Name System. It is a core Internet technology used to convert human readable domain names — www.facebook.com — into an IP address — — a computer can understand. Most computers make this conversion by talking to a DNS server. Most of the world's computers use a DNS server provided by their Internet Service Provider (ISP).

DNSChanger malware interferes with this process by telling the infected computer to use a DNS server owned by criminals. The criminals use this rogue DNS server to direct your computer to malicious, instead of legitimate, websites.

Yes you can clean it according to facebook.

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