FaceBook Problem On Sending Bulk Messages

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Hi Guys,

I was refer to my friend regarding your IT site and this is my problem:

I just recently noticed that my FACEBOOK account was impressively got many massages in my inbox when i check it. OMG, it sends to my all friends and chatting, this is the following messages:


Wanna Laugh?

I Saw your video on the Internet

Kindly open this link – http:\?????

Once you opening it your computer becomes slow and lag. Please help me how to fix this, i don't have any idea.


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FaceBook Problem On Sending Bulk Messages


Hi John,

Don't leave your FACEBOOK account or any SOCIAL NETWORKING account open without logging out. This is where the virus attack on your profile. If you receive an email from unknown person, please don't open it. Instead, delete it all including your recycle bin make sure it's empty. Commonly the virus will scatter once the link is open and some of your friend will be infected too if they open it. Try to inform your friend about this FaceBook virus, especially those people receiving this messages. Some of this virus are coming from email, a link from email can cause FaceBook account to be like this. This is what we called "I wanna laugh virus", where it automatically sends messages to your FaceBook friends. You can remove this through pressing (alt>ctr>delete) and end process your browser (example internet explorer or Google chrome). Try to change your FaceBook password too. You can also tell your friends about this just to be aware of this FaceBook Virus.


Steven Berto          

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FaceBook Problem On Sending Bulk Messages


Hello Joan Wingate,

I got that kind of problem too, but I got to fix it successfully. That link that you get in your messages or it sometimes comes in that chat box is a virus and I will advise that henceforth if you see anything of the sort just ignore it. Do not click on it, because the moment you click on it, it replicates itself into the computer's operating system and some other applications that you are running and affects the performance causing the slowness.

What happened in my case is that my account was disabled by the facebook customer support, and I was taken through a step by step procedure that required me to download an antivirus application that I used to clean up my facebook account of any malware, and my account eventually became okay.

Hope this helps.


Mahesh Babu

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