FaceBook connect API Key Help

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Hey people,

i am developing a an application using the Facebook Developers Application.

I need to know to implement Facebook connect across multiple sub-domains of my site by sharing the same connect API key,

What value must be specified?

I do hope to get some answer here..

Any ways Thank you for your time

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FaceBook connect API Key Help

To begin using Facebook Connect you must obtain API Key and Application Secret from Facebook. To do so you should first sign in to Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/
After signing in you need to go to https://developers.facebook.com/. The page you'll see is shown below.
You should click "Allow". When you are done, you'll be taken to the page featuring different information about this application.
In the upper right corner you'll find "Set Up New Application" button. You should click it. It will take you to the first step of the process of registering your application (which is your website).
Enter your website title in the "Application Name" field and set "Terms" radio-button to "Agree". Now click "Save Changes" button. It will take you to a big form that you can fill in. All those fields are optional so we leave them blank as for now. At the top of that form you can see API Key and Application Secret. You will need to enter this in your Joomla configuration.
The last information that Facebook needs to get is Connect URL. Please click "Connect" button in the left vertical menu. The top field of the page is the Connect URL field and you need to enter your site URL there.

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