Explain to me how to install Sonar X1 properly

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While browsing on some websites, I read something about Sonar X1 workstation. I've seen the screenshots and it looks amazing. I wanted it, but it looks a bit too complicated for me.

So now I come to you guys from TechyV, and ask you to tell me how to install Sonar X1 and all of its additional components.

I understood that there are several other things that need to be installed, and since I am no PC expert, the easy way is to ask for some help here.

Thank you in advance for all your help.

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Explain to me how to install Sonar X1 properly


Follow these steps to install Sonar X1 on your PC:

Install Sonar x1 on your PC from DVD or digital download saved as aetup.exe you have downloaded from internet by clicking on Install option. This installation step is simple to follow.

Double-click on Sonar X1 icon and you will get wave profiler utility automatically running in front of you.

Setup MIDI device in SONAR:

Edit > Preferences > MIDI – Devices

Check all devices in MIDI Inputs and check Output 1 & 2 in Outputs.

Basic audio setup:

Edit > Preferences > Audio – Devices

Select desired Input and Output drivers depending on your computer configuration.

This is all you need to install SONAR X1 on your PC. To make projects and to enjoy it further you can go to the link below by pasting it in Google and follow.


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