Explain How To Block AutoCAD From Accessing Internet Methods

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Can anyone tell me how to block AutoCAD from accessing the internet? How to stop the program from showing prompt messages? Please tell me how I can do that.

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Explain How To Block AutoCAD From Accessing Internet Methods


You can do that by going through the simple steps list below:

  1. Open Control Panel.
  2. Select Windows Firewall from the screen.
  3. On the left side, choose “Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall.”
  4. Find the service and perform necessary changes to it.

You can also do that by using Registry Editor. Open Registry Editor by using Windows key + R and then type Regedit in the run box.

You have to select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and then Current Control Set and go to its Services.

There you will see all the applications. Change into them according to your requirement.

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Explain How To Block AutoCAD From Accessing Internet Methods


The simplest way to block AutoCAD from accessing the internet as well as any application, in general, is from the Windows Firewall. You need to add it to the exceptions list and then uncheck it to disable it from the list. It is added but it will be blocked from accessing the internet. To try this, click “Start”, “Control Panel”, “Security Center”, and then “Windows Firewall”.

In the “Windows Firewall” window, select “Exceptions” tab. Click “Add Program” then select AutoCAD from the list. If the application is not listed, click “Browse” then navigate to the installation folder of AutoCAD then select the main executable file of the program (EXE). Click “OK” until you are back to the “Windows Firewall” screen. Back in the “Exceptions” tab, you should see AutoCAD checked.

In this state, Microsoft Windows is allowing AutoCAD to pass the Windows Firewall and access the internet. To disable and block it, uncheck AutoCAD then click “OK”. See if this fixes the problem. Another way of blocking a program from using the internet is to use ESET Smart Security and create a rule that will deny the program from internet access.

For users with ESET Smart Security, click on the ESET icon on the system tray and select “Advanced setup”.

ESET access advanced setup

In “Advanced setup” screen, expand “Network”, “Personal firewall”, and then select “Rules and zones”. Under “Zone and rule editor” section, click “Setup”.

ESET setup new rule

In “Zone setup” window, in “Rules” tab, click “New” at the bottom.

ESET create new rule

In “New rule” window, select “Local” tab then click “Browse” under “Application”. Navigate to the installation folder of AutoCAD, select the main EXE file, and click “Open”.

ESET select program for the rule

Next, go back to “General” tab. In “Name” field, enter a name for AutoCAD or simply enter without quotes “AutoCAD” to put a description for the new rule. “Direction” and “Action” should remain as is. When you are finished, click “OK” all throughout.

ESET name the new rule

And that’s it. ESET will now restrict AutoCAD from accessing the internet. Both in and out traffic will be blocked.

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