Excel – Want to extract the numbers from a Cell

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Hi everyone,

From string and from a cell how would I be able to extract the numbers? For instance: the data should be kept in Cell and I want to do the extraction of only number into the cell B1.

Cell A1 Data: Purchasing Document 7500840745

And Cell B1 Data: 7500840745

Thank you for your cooperation.

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Excel – Want to extract the numbers from a Cell


With reference to your question what you want is, extract only the number from a cell which includes both numbers and texts.

There is not a direct way for you to extract numbers from such kind of cells in Microsoft Excel. However, I can explain in a way that you can fulfill it.

I will explain it through an example.

We will just take data series as mentioned. Please see the image below.

MS Excel Entering Data

First copy and paste the same data series to column B.

And select data series in column B and click on the text to column in data tab.

Text to Column

Now click on the “Delimited” and click “Next”.

Text to Column Wizard

Click on the “space” check box then click “Next” and “Finish”.

Treat Consecutive Delimiters

You can see the three words which were in column A are now in three separate columns (i.e. Column B, C, D).

Formating Data In EXCEL

Then delete column B, C then the numbers will be appeared in Column B as follows.

data formating

I believe this answer will be helpful to you.

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Excel – Want to extract the numbers from a Cell


I have read your post and I think what you’re asking is how to extract the numbers stored in cell A along with the text attached to it, right? Well I have the solution for that.

Just key-in ‘=RIGHT(A2,10)*1’ on your cell B1 then drag it down to where you’re comfortable and see that the numbers with text on cell A is converted to numbers again in cell B without the text.

Hope this helps.

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