Excel Unable to process the request.

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I opened Excel sheet and tried to perform any operation then I received the error below.

I am trying to add some numbers and list of numbers are in hundreds.

I can’t do it manually. So please tell me why this error appears and how can I remove this error.



Unable to process the request.     

Wait a few minutes and try performing this operation again.

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Excel Unable to process the request.


That error appeared because you performed an illegal function.

Here is the solution on how to put values on every cell in a column without doing it manually.

Automatically put values 1-10 in column A row 2 to row 11:

In column A row 3, type =SUM(A2+1), as shown below:

Click on column A row 3 then press CTRL + C

Move cursor to row 4 then drag it down to row 11 by pressing SHIFT + ARROW DOWN then hit ENTER.

The result will be like this:

Now, enter the value 1 in column A row 2 then hit ENTER.

The succeeding cells after row 2 will automatically change its values after hitting ENTER.

This is the solution if you need to input extremely numerous values.

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Excel Unable to process the request.


Excel sheets need accurate numbers and formulas to perform its duties. Just like numbering, counting, adding and to name a few.

What you want is to do counting from 1 up to 10 all the way down, right?

Best thing to do is to drag the first cell after highlighted, then a tiny black square will be shown. See screenshot for full understanding what I meant.

Then drag all the way to the bottom up, it auto-counts the numbers according to the area where you've stopped.

Easy enough and not so complicated. It makes your life easier without formulas and confusing a+b+c to add it all up.

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