How to recover forgotten password in MS-Excel?

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Hi All,

My sister asked me to open a Microsoft Excel document in our desktop which contains her passwords and accounts. She forgot the password for one of her accounts that she need to logon to. The file is password protected, and I just know that it should for security purposes.

Now, my problem is, the password that she gave me is not working. I already tried twice and I am not sure what will happen if I got the third incorrect try. Anyway, my sister is waiting for my reply and I told her already about the password not working. She confidently told me that the password she gave me is correct. I checked and all our keys in the keyboard are all working. I cannot think of anymore option, is there any software that I can use to recover the password? Please help me.

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How to recover forgotten password in MS-Excel?


Hi Dianne,

There are plenty of Excel Password Recovery software from the web that you can download.

The only problem would be to try and test which one will actually work for your version of MS Excel.

Be also wary for software that may contain viruses as it will infect your computer.

 link the one that is for your computer.

Note that what you are downloading is only a trial of the software and may have certain limitations to the extent of recovering the password.

If you are not sure about it, there are other free software out there. So far I have tried 2 free Excel Password Recovery software's that did not work.


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How to recover forgotten password in MS-Excel?



Since the password that your sister gave you is not working, you should try searching for an online utility that will help you recover your Excel file that is completely free and efficient to use. Ensure that you will go to trusted websites only as many sites may cause harm to your computer when you try to open it.

Another solution is to upload the locked Excel file to Google documents. While uploading, the workbook and sheet protection will be automatically eliminated. Here you can easily edit the data of your Excel file. Both xls and xlsx formats are catered by Google documents during uploading and editing but only xls format are allowed during downloading.

Hope you will recover your file.

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