Events Database Configuration View Error:

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While working with a client on a new VDI design and accomplishment an issue popped up which is associated with some of the configuration items in View 4.5 with Microsoft SQL Server 2008. The problem occurred in the configuration of the view proceedings database. On trying to include the SQL Server 2008 database to the View Admin Console the computer kept creating the same error message, although all the data was right and the database was already there on the server. I have included a screenshot of the error, and the text it contained, below:

“Database configuration error

An error occurred while attempting to configure the database. Double check the database parameters and ensure that the database is not down, restarting or otherwise unavailable.”

I really appreciate any help. Thanks.

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Events Database Configuration View Error:


There are a pretty lengthy explanation and solution to this problem, but I try to narrow it down for you.
First of all check the log that is created after the error and see what the problem is actually and look for the solution on the official website.

Make sure that the username and password that you are using is correct.
There are few ports that need to be opened. That is port number 1433-1444-1445-1448. Go to your router or modem page and forward them.

Disable the UAC if you are using any windows other than Windows Server 2000 or 2002
Make sure that the authentication option is checked and policy is implemented.
Install the latest .NET framework in your computer.
Check if there is any update available for the software.
For a more detailed guide, please follow this link.

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Events Database Configuration View Error:


Verify and ensure to authenticate user in connecting to the database.

Try pinging your Mssql Server and be sure that it replies with no error.

If the ping successful. Then check Network security, in some cases the network firewall block database the ability of the machine to connect in a network. Re-check again that your trying to connect to available server and not bypassing Database server by typing it. Check Caps lock on typing password. I hope this give you hint.

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