Error in using FUTA Software

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Hi experts!

For checking payroll calculation I am using FUTA software.

When I am calculating the payroll checks then the following error message shows. I don’t know the meaning of this error. Is there any error of my inputted data or information??

Please any help.

Thanks a lot


FUTA Tax 2011

Error Line 3: 2011 FUTA base must be greater than 1

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Error in using FUTA Software


Dear Charmaine hollman

According to the error message you have entered "FUTA Tax 2011 Error Line 3: 2011 FUTA base must be greater than 1." When calculating payroll checks. You may receive this error when doing payroll check calculation if these withholdings have been assigned to an employee by mistake.  Employees don't pay a share of Federal Unemployment Tax so FUTA shouldn't be assigned as a withholding. Since laws sometimes change, this option is available for possible future use. To solve this problem you should go to the screen of the "Employee Withholdings" and click on "FUTA" to select it and then click the "Delete" button.

Hope this may help you.

Best of luck

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