Error on transferring .jpg files in Windows 7

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I am trying to transfer a .jpg file from my digital camera to my Windows 7 computer.  I clicked the Import Pictures and Videos in Windows 7 to start the transfer. Afterwards, my computer start searching for all the pictures from my camera and then the transfer begins. While transferring the file, an error message is continuously appearing stating:

“Import Pictures and Videos

The following error occurred while importing IMG_1829.jpg: The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.

What do you want to do?

Try again

Skip this file

Skip all files with errors”

There is an option to Try again, Skip this file and Skip all files with errors.  What is the cause for this error? I tried to take out my USB and move it to another USB port to no avail. I tried connecting the SD card and just directly connect it through my card reader and then run the check disk, but it found no errors at all. I can copy my entire pictures when I copy it manually through Windows Explorer or even when accessing it in my memory card reader.  This tool for transferring pictures in Windows 7 is very useful since it can sort all my pictures accordingly.

But how can I avoid the errors when transferring my pictures? Help please.


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Error on transferring .jpg files in Windows 7


I think the problem is with the anti virus software. U were not mentioning about the anti virus software that are u using.  Well  is it a kaspersky product?? If the answer is yes then there is a high percentage this can be the cause to  this problem. I think this is not a error with the software but with the windows 7. Pause the protection and import the pictures and see.

If the anti virus software is not kaspersky don't worry. Still answer would be the same. That can be your virus guard. Disable the software and import the images and see again. 

If you are not using  a virus guard then go to the removable driver and copy and paste the files into a another folder in the driver. This method will not assured a good results for everyone. This method can be benefited for some king of cameras and computers.  

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Error on transferring .jpg files in Windows 7


That may be a problem being caused by a number of reasons, which include the following:

  • The file that is being copied at that moment is corrupted, and therefore cannot be copied to the destination. In that case you will just need to skip that file and continue with the copying process. Or you can alternatively choose to skip all files that may having the same error so that the copying process will not be interrupted again.
  • If you have connected the camera to the computer by the use of a cable, then the cable may be loose and therefore a connection is not being established between the two devices. You will need to check that and rectify it for the copying process to be successful.

-Clair Charles

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