Error: Surface index out of range on rooms file

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I am exercising IES version6.4.0.1 while attempting to groom tool and combine two rooms into one room, I received an error message. Does somebody know about how to solve this?

Recalculate SunCast shading.
Error: Surface index out of range on rooms file: 121. Recalculate SunCast shading.
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Error: Surface index out of range on rooms file


Hello Michael,

How are you? Hope you are doing well.

The problem you described looking like the model has been changed from what have you created in shading file. The mechanism is when Suncast will calculate any shading file it will create defined shading data for the same. For your case shading data is different from the original which is causing the error.

To solve this problem, simply recalculate the shading file of SunCast to take into account  any model changes prior you are running any heat gain calculation.

Hope this will help.


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Error: Surface index out of range on rooms file



Hi there Michael J Gould,
First of all, you are using a really outdated version of the software, so make sure you update your version soon. The current version is 6.2 and to be honest, there is not much use of practice in such an old version as too many things are changed.
Your problem could be caused by two things.
If you've changed your model after you've already created the shading file, you will have to recalculate the shading file once more. This happens because every time you create a model and recalculate the shading the data file is created that stores the values and that data file is not automatically changed after you edit your model.
Another possible issue is because of the old version of the software. In older versions rooms has to be sorted in specific order – model rooms has to be beyond the shading objects. The workaround is to refresh the room type. That will resort the browsing list and you will be able to proceed normally.
Best regards,
Drake Vivian

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