Error: SN (8363-D94F-5DD0) has been activated. (Error code: 11)

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Earlier, I could successfully upload pictures to my gallery as well as topic threads. But now when I try to add one image to my gallery, I am getting the same error (screen capture attached). The reason in a few cases was that the thumbnail couldn’t be made. What I need to do to enable uploading of this picture?

Error: SN (8363-D94F-5DD0) has been activated. (Error code: 11)

Need a solution. Thanks in advance.

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Error: SN (8363-D94F-5DD0) has been activated. (Error code: 11)


Hello Aloha.

What gallery are you referring to?  Is it an online gallery or are you referring to a software on your computer?

The error message on your screenshot indicates that you are trying to activate a software using a serial number that has already been used.  The error could mean either of two things:

1.  You own a legitimate copy of the software and that someone has used your application's serial number and registered it online.  That someone could have obtained your serial number or could have used a serial number generator which coincidentally generated your serial number.

2.  You are using an illegal copy of the software and are using a key generator to get a serial number and it so happens that someone has already used the generated serial number.

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