Error shown after the successful upgrade of Moneywell 2

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Hi all,

After the successful upgrade of Moneywell 2, Data connection with Charles Schwab Bank, error 15500 appeared.

Since there is no way to connect the account, I tried the plus button.

I had now duplicate of connection. After reentering the login credentials, the data connections became many.

Account Update

Downloading: Checking Account (Charles Schwab Bank, NA.)

[115500] ERROR Signon (for example, user ID or password) Invalid (ERROR)

Cancel Continue

How can I restore my previous status about the data connection?

Please help me fix my connection issues, it would be a great help.

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Error shown after the successful upgrade of Moneywell 2


I think this is a random error which usually happens on programs and is not a serious problem. Try closing the program if you are still able to terminate it then restart your computer. After rebooting the system check if you are now able to update your account using the program. You should also check if your machine has an active and stable internet connection to complete the task. Check the stability and speed of your connection first before proceeding on the task to avoid having that same problem again.

You may also try reinstalling the program to have a fresh copy installed on your system. This will also help you avoid opening of corrupted files that makes it work differently.

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