An error pops up that says it can’t initialize CLR

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Hi All,

Every time I open Outlook 2003, an error pops up that says it can’t initialize CLR.

Help please.

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An error pops up that says it can’t initialize CLR


You will need to check the version not the .Net frame work that you are using on your computer, and to do that you will need to:

  • Go to start on your computer.
  • And then click on control panel.
  • Choose program features and then click on Add/ Remove programs.
  • Among the listed programs, check to see which .Net framework has been installed.
  • The right version of the .Net framework that will support the CLR version is 1.1, and therefore if you have another version you will need to download and install version 1.1.

You will also check if there is additional error information or an option to debug and use it as guide to resolve that problem that you are receiving.

Mathew Stone

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An error pops up that says it can’t initialize CLR


With all the errors I’ve encountered with Windows, luckily I haven’t seen this CLR error yet. Most of the solutions found on the web points the problem to Microsoft .NET Framework or installing more than one version of Microsoft .NET Framework. Normally, running multiple versions of Microsoft .NET Framework on a single computer will have no problem and I’ve already tried that before like I’ve installed 3 versions of this component in different intervals. Even if I did that, the programs seem to be working well with each other.

But now I’ve learned that installing multiple versions of Microsoft .NET Framework is sometimes not good for the system. One of the usual problems when installing different versions is the error “CLR Error 80004005” which normally appears during the startup of Windows. But you cannot all blame it with Microsoft .NET Framework. Your problem might be caused by something else. Like in your case, the CLR error appears only every time you open Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 but not with other programs. Since the CLR problem is somewhat related to Microsoft .NET Framework, check your system if you installed any version of it. To check if your computer has Microsoft .NET Framework installed:

  • Click Start then Control Panel.
  • Click Add or Remove Programs. Check the list if there is a single version of Microsoft .NET Framework installed.
  • Uninstall all versions if you have more than one then restart your computer.
  • Download the latest version of Microsoft .NET Framework by visiting Microsoft.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to download or maybe install any versions of Microsoft .NET Framework, check first if you don’t have any applications using that component. You should also check if Microsoft Office Outlook is already running without installing it.

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