Error Occurred on Benchmarking Hard Drive: Partition Table Detected

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Hi all,

I was benchmarking a hard drive on a 250 GB Hard Disk. I got a message that:

An error occurred while performing an operation on “250 GB Hard Disk” (ATA ST9250827AS): The operation failed.

Details: A partition table was detected – write benchmarking requires the disk to be completely empty.

How do I benchmark a hard Drive?

Here is a picture to better describe my problem…

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Error Occurred on Benchmarking Hard Drive: Partition Table Detected


Hi Charles,

The error you are experiencing arises when you try to benchmark [to perform a read/write benchmark] a drive that has partitions in it. For such a disk only a 'read only' benchmark test is possible. If you need to perform a complete read/write test on the disk, you will need to download and install this Software : Iometer which is an Input Output subsystem for measurement and characterization tool. Get the software from Once you have installed the software ,you will then have to SELECT:
– Access specifications from the Access specifications tab: this lets you choose the type of  I/O operation to perform.
– Access specifications: this control how test run
– Test setup tab : this provides a place to customize the test parameters.
– Once you have selected the tests you want done,and you have checked the test parameters, you just have to click the green flag   on the menu bar to start the process.
The results display tab gives you access to all the information you need after the tests. Regards Hoping this will be of help to you.

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Error Occurred on Benchmarking Hard Drive: Partition Table Detected


You received that error because you are doing the benchmarking on a non-empty drive. The benchmarking application you are using requires that the drive is empty. If the drive contains at least one partition, the write benchmarking will fail. If you want to perform a write benchmark on that particular drive, you need to empty the drive.

If the contents of the drive are important, back up all the files to another separate drive. Once the drive’s data are backed up, perform a quick format on the drive to quickly erase its contents. Once the drive is empty, try the doing the write benchmark again and see if it works.

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